When Colonel Stanley Smith went on to build Gun Carriage Factory in Jabalpur, all his attempts were proving futile. One night, in the state of utter confusion and terribly worried, Colonel Smith went to sleep. Then in his sleep, he saw a dream that an ancient idol of Lord Hanuman lied buried in the ground where the factory was being constructed. Lord Hanuman himself came in his dream and directed him to get his idol dug out of the earth.

Colonel Smith, then, ordered the men to take out the idol carefully folded in a red-coloured piece of cloth. In Hindi, such piece of cloth is also called “Pat”. The idol of Lord Hanuman, folded in the pat, was brought out of the ground. It was, then, decided to build a temple for the Lord for offering regular prayers. On 12th of August 1903, an auspicious day of Shraavana month, with much fanfare and by following the procedures prescribed in the religious scriptures, the idol of the Lord Hanuman was established in the Temple.

It is said that no hindrance in construction of the factory was felt once the temple was built and the prayers started.

Read the Pat Baba Sankirtan here.

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